Apr 10, 2017 · The same thing happened to 23-year-old Allison* with a guy who had ghosted her years ago. They had been hooking up for a few months while she was in college when he ghosted her. Now, it's three ....

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He blocked me on social media but still texts me

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. 5. He wants you to chase him. Sometimes, there’s an underlying reason why a guy decides to block you. He wants to get something out of it and in this case, it’s that he wants.

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2. They’re stalking you to keep up to date with your life. They’re nosy, in other words. They want to see what you’ve been up to and even “check in” on social media to ask about your latest. .

He may have blocked you because he’s trying to figure out how involved with you he wants to be. Because he’s uncertain, as you get closer, he’s backing up, blocking you out. You can test this by releasing the pressure on him. Back up. Treat the FB block as a non-issue for a while. Move on with your own beautiful life plans, and see what happens..

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2. Get your Attention. The main reason why he blocked and then unblocks you is to attract your attention. He does that to let you know he still cares about you even if you are not together in a relationship. You have the power to ignore his attention-seeking and rather focus on developing your life.

Mar 22, 2019 · A year before that ghost, I was dating another guy for a couple of months. I didn’t meet him online, but apparently men feel no more sense of obligation to women they meet in the real world than ....

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